About PAB

It all happened in 1948 when a few like minded passionate photographers founded ‘Renaissance Camera Group (RCG). They were B.K.Sanyal, K.L.Chaudhuri, B.K.Mukherjee, S.K.Chatterjee and G.S. Bhattacharjee. It was indeed a very challenging task for this small group of photographers to start a photography club without worthy financial support from any influencial circles in the city. These five founder members of RCG had one thing common in them – they had the determination and sincerity to promote photography as a powerful form of visual art. ‘Renaissance Camera Group’ despite many hurdles, succeeded in constructing a platform to work upon, to meet and exchange views, demonstrate skills achieved through practice and experiments.

As years passed by, ‘Renaissance Camera Group’ turned into today’s Photographic Association of Bengal (PAB). PAB had its first Indian Salon in 1951 which was repeated in 1952. The first International Salon was held in 1953. Each of these Salons met overwhelming success and that legacy goes on even today. However, PAB had its first International Colour Slide Salon in 1987 and thereafter, it is being held Biennially.

Traditionally, PAB Salons whether Indian or International receive record number of entries every single time.

PAB is an open minded Photographic Association where members are encouraged to express their feelings and ideas with pictures of all kinds irrespective of genre’. May it be ‘Nature’ , ‘Landscape’, ‘Pictorial’, ‘Candid’ or ‘ Photo-Journalistic’ work – good photography per se is appreciated in PAB ever since it came into existence. We have currently many members with worldwide standing in International Salons and award winners from Nikon Corporation, Canon Camera Company, UNESCO, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (UK), Lalit Kala Academies in various States and Photo Division (Ministry of Broadcasting) to name just a few.

We are the pioneers committed to open Judging sessions in Salons as it widens the exposure of world photography to photo-enthusiasts apart from having transparency to the process of Salon Judging.