Monthly Archives: October 2019

The club will remain closed

The club will remain closed as it is the last day of the year when attendance is likely to be scanty and many members are expected to be celebrating the New Years’ Eve with their friends/family.

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Sri.Dulal Adhikary Show

Sri.Dulal Adhikary will put up a show and give us a demonstration of drone photography. Incidentally Dulal is a pioneer in this field and PAB feels proud of his achievements.

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Club will remain open

Club will remain open but there is no specific program on that date. Members may interact with each other or perhaps plan for a photo ramble within the city.

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Photography Adda

Photography adda with Sri.Debasish Ghosh Ray. I firmly believe that members particularly the new comers will be benefitted by attending this interactive session.

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PAB Quarterly Thematic Competition

PAB Quarterly Thematic Competition , theme being Street. 4 Pictures per entrant which will be individually judged (nothing to do with connectivity or series). Picture specification same as in MMC.

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